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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the real figure may be higher
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than that. what is particularly worrying is the government seems to be clib bratly using live ammunition in some cases heavy weapons to attack protestors. >> the state department this afternoon said quote we have received multiple credible reports that hundreds of people have been killed and injured in several days of unrest. the full extent of the death tole is unknown with access of national media and human rights organizations. cad daffy unleashed laws of war on his people. can the colonel survive? his son warned libyan exiles living comfortably in europe and in the united states was provoking the spreading violence. >> they are very relaxed in europe their countries them and their children at provoking us here to die and why do they want to come here and rule us and rule libya.
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>> this is just the same that has been created so they can come and rule us. once we have all killed each other they will come and rule us they will come now and rule you. >> the struggle of freedom against the revolution has come. he joins me he's in miami tonight. welcome thank you for coming on board tonight. can khaddafy lose? is it possible? >> everything is possible. it is not p mubarak. even tunisia he is sending special forces now. what does that say here? oil. a lot of oil. a lot of money so they are telling him you are not going to leave. you are going to fight this battle until the end. they have opposition. >> is he afraid of western
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exiles is the real fear. he also spoke of rigid conservative islamists taking over the country and may going it into a religious state. >> he actually is partially correct in describing who is doing this. on the first hand you have the exiles who are on-line going and encouraging the secular democratic element nt inside. as we saw in egypt the first wave. the second waiver the most organized one is islamists. last week he released hundreds of islamists with prisoners thinking this basically was going to end it. as soon as they were freed there was a second wave that began and now it's hitting tr trip polly. >> even armor this sounds like a full-blown civil war emerging here. >> that's why the son said we have our guard the republican
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guard we are going to fight the battle. opposition came in of the libyan armed forces with them. either they will find a political solution which i don't think khaddafy can digest or at the end of the day the command army of the libyan forces who will tip the balance at the end of the day. >> who knows when that day is. doctor thank you very much. fox news will continue to f monitor the explosive unrest in the arab world. i want to probe what happens if more conservative religious forces take control in some of these countries. i think folks that there is a hard lesson in what happened to cbs correspondent lara logan at the hands of the mob in cairo last week. let's start with a scene from my favorite movie. >> so long my tribe against tribe. so long will they be a little people a silly people greedy marvelous and cruel as you are. >> that great line in "lawrence
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of arabia" about arab tribalism also talks about women in the arab world. they have not permitted to participate fully in commerce, politics, art, education, industry. the arabs will always be a little people, a silly people, greedy barber in te lawrence's word. i think the brutal sustained sexual assault encore spon dent laura logan is a disgusting example of a rav venous mob gone wild. it is not unusual. a study by the egyptian center for women's rights found that 83 percent of egyptian women, get this, 98 percent of foreign women, 98 percent of foreign women in egypt experience public sexual harassment which often goes way beyond dirty language to physical groping which is common, but so is men exposing themselves and even as in lara's case, physical sexual assault in this case of a courageous
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skilled reporter. i was in the same convoy in afghanistan in november of 2003 with lara in an army vehicle she was riding in got hit by a roadside bomb. (rapid gun fire) >> one of our vehicles hit a land mine. we have casualties. we think we are taking fire. we are returning it. we are scattering the ridge line with all we can give them. we have got people hurt. (rapid gun fire) >> we are riding in the patrol there are vehicles ahead of us and he was one of our drivers that's coming out there now we hit a humvee the vehicle tame over on the side. >> hurt real bad. >> we went to him a few moments ago. everything in the vehicle came on top of me i was buried
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underneath it. they were yelling. everyone moved away and i moved off and i just crawled back here told to take cover. >> watch it home. >> coming up on a busy news night. three ladies will tell us how they cope. who is in who is out? we got an inside look at the pending royal wedding with princess diana's former confidante. pro labor demonstrators are reeling from the expo say of the fake doctor's notes. anna nicole smith takes center stage.
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>> we are back live.
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could it have happened here? absolutely. 11 years ago in new york there was infamous mob groping during the puerto rican parade. 98 percent of foreign women i think the big part of it is arab attitudes women have not evolved very much since the days of lawrence of arabia. let's my opinion. the people most directly affected women work afraud in the art world i am joined next to me heather robinson who's articles appear in the wall street journal and new york post and it is standard among front line publications. christian science monitors of columbia school of journalism just back from cairo our new friend sally who started a nonprofit organization at paramount. you wear traditional garb when you are in cairo.
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>> not when i am in cairo but the villages my father grew up in yes only because i choose to not because i am forced to want to make that clear. >> i hope that is the case throughout the arab world. although i see in my eyes it is not necessarily so. more to the point do you feel threatened at all? during the time you are in that tumultuous crowd in cairo the last couple weeks how have you felt? >> i can say that depending on how -- where i was and seeing i was able to go out with my male cousins i didn't feel that scared. although i am not going to say that things didn't happen that shouldn't have happened like people were hitting each other people were harassed. >> people meaning women? >> there were women being harassed. i don't necessarily think that it is as exaggerated as we make it to be. >> were you surprised when you
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see the survey from the women's group 98 percent of foreign women are sexually harassed? >> in cairo there were men going down risking their lives for these whem when these things were happening. men were down stairs risking their lives. >> this is the worst thing people sexually assaulted lara logan they were not mubarak's thugs. why don't women -- everyone is saying and i agree many people are saying the people with the right frame of mind are saying lara logan was courageous to come forward. i know this has happened scores of times and you never hear about it. why don't women come forward when these things happen to them? >> i think two rehns the social stigma of sexual assault runs very deep in all cultures not just their own. people come forward people
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attack them in a very intimate way. i think another reason is that it is still not a very even playing field for women and men when it comes to foreign correspondents. women don't want their editors to think in some way they are vulnerable and pull them back from assignments. >> good point. many editors i am sure after lara logan experienced many editors would say exactly that. >> that's the fear. >> heather i just wonder do you worry about your own safety? >> i have reported from the west bank geraldo. it was just once for jerusalem post magazine. i was fortunate to be among people. this was palestinians in those working with israelis so i really met some great people there who my experience may not have been typical i wasn't roerming around on my own i was with cohesive group. >> west bank -- palestinians in the west bank are as evolved and
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western as could possibly be. i can't tell the difference between west bank israelis. >> gaza would be different. >> i am sure it would. >> i wonder will this -- back to the professor, will this you think have an impact on assignment editors making choices as to who gets to cover what? >> i am hoping the fact that somebody as high profile as lara will have a positive effect in terms of newsroom culture. what i am hoping is that people will realize these things occur but people can survive and i am sure she is going to want to get out into the field. >> she is going to want to get out. do you fear iffy egypt does go conservative in terms of religion your rights will be sir come described there? >> absolutely not. the muslim brotherhood clearly stated in their last speech they will not be running any time soon. they don't want to run.
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they would like the egyptian people to know they are just there because they are protesting the people not because they are trying to gain power? >> wonderful optimism of youth. i hope you turn out to be right. ladies thank you very much. >> stand by folks for the inside glance at the royal wedding from a guy who knows weddings. you remember him. he's coming up. >> platinum bling wedding. >> you are now my super model bride. >> there is something serious. big dramatic sur prideses i cannot wait to reveal to joanna. >> you blinged it out. >> i blinged it out. >> the ugly cry. >> oh!
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>> we have a fabulous royal family and the whole world is envious of our royal family. i hope it's going to be larger than life and get recessions and notable things like that. i think it is a day everybody is going to look forward to. we will see what britain does really well a royal wedding. >> due love that accent. wedding of the 21st century. two months until the royal nuptials. in the name of queen elizabeth the second have already begun arriving after being sent out earlier this week. now this is not the wedding of the heir to the throne who is prince william's dad prince charles president obama and other civilian foreign leaders are not along the 1900 invited guests. although royals from spain and holland, belgium, sweden will be
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represented. here is paul ber rel, princess diana's former butler. while in l.a. we welcome live and at large david tutera the host of my fair wedding with david tutera. and kimberly in the studio. you are not invitinvited, hey, ? you know him? >> i know him well. i have watched the two boys grow into fine young men. >> is it fair to say you have changed the diapers to the heir to the throne? >> you could say that. >> it is true, right? >> i was there, i was there. >> are you excited? >> i am very excited. it's a great thing for britain and the world. she is a fine young woman isn't she? >> she is a wonderful person. do you think she will be the fashion icon that diana was? >> i am hoping so. she is going to be our modern
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day princess. itch exci -- i am excited. i think many trends will be set with soon to be princess katherine. >> princess diana wore the kind of classic big billowy wedding gown that seems very old fashioned when viewed from the perspective of 2011. what do you think kate will wear? >> i am hoping we will see something a little moefr f a mo. i no in protocol that's not the direction. she will look sophisticated opulent and elegant. i am hoping she will be sheik and modern day princess. i have big expectations for her to be a trend setter for all of the fashion to be looking at not just weddings. >> given the fact we have been independent why do americans
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care so much? >> you are so fascinated with the country. every where i go people are fascinated with the old traditions from england. it is a link between britain and england. >> do you think it's that or all of the stories little girls are told their whole lives. those are shots of diana. their whole lives about prince charming coming and what a lucky gal kate middleton is? >> i would say careful what you wish for. it's not everything you might want. >> obviously in diana's life. you mean the scrutiny sometimes savage criticism? >> her life will never be the same again the minute she exits westminster abbey her life will change completely. she will be watched throughout the world. >> do you wish you were a princess? >> i feel like a princess onset with you every night. i think she is really nice. >> i feel like the rouge
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maniacal tyrant. >> i think she is more equipped in some ways perhaps than diana was to be princess. diana had a sensitivity sweetness that made her vulnerable. i think kate has become more worldly having more of a common experience that will suit her well. i think she is going to be a fashion icon. the beautiful blue dress for the engagement sold out immediately. i am getting one. >> i am sure target or wal-mart has a rip off for 35 bucks. >> we are going to get the real one. >> yes. coming from the de siren. >> she going to dream the impossible dream going down the aisle? >> young women, everybody loves the story. it's really magical. true love. they choose one another. they weren't picked to be one another by outsiders. it gives them a good chance at
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susta sustaining love. >> harry is still single. >> if you want to party or have a good time you go out with harry. >> you want the marriage to last marry william. >> does style get set by this affair? >> absolutely. >> will every bride want to be her? >> every bride, every future bride. every girl watching, every current bride engaged will be looking at every single thing they are doing the details from the sash to the flowers to the music just as we do here we will be focused. this trend will be set by when she walks down the aisle on april 29th. i think a lot of things will be changing here and around the world based u
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to geraldo at large. >> oo i feel wisconsin is only a start it's going to move from state to state. ohio has terrible bills on the docket coming up next. >> it go it is busting the unio reason they subject bargain for wages and employment. >> now you are going to cry because your pockets are getting some taken out of it. >> (chanting)>> this is a fox news
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alert. in the epic labor war in wisconsin as the two sides gear up for another gigantic slow down on monday remember the doctors writing the phony medical notes excusing protestors from work those doctors and their bosses many of them the university of wisconsin where they work are trying to deal with the firestorm of controversy that they set off when they were caught on tape by mike tobin's team on the ground in madison. with that and other aspects of the widely watched confrontation here is mike. >> no end in sight at the demonstrations. they packed the capitol rotunda once again today. they can't sit around twid elling their thumbs because they will move forward. they will only have a quorum to look at spending issues. those will be decided now without any input from the 14
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fugitive democrats. they will be decided with fewer teachers in the capitol. the teacher's union escorted them back to class. they will come back to the government as much as possible for scott walker and wisconsin republican. >> it can go on until they take it off the table. >> bogus doctors notes handed out to street employees so they could come here no examination no illness necessary. the reaction from demonstrators are the sick notes are not bogus they are for emotional illness. walker made it clear he is not ready to compromise on health benefits collective bargaining he said he can wait it out. >> you mentioned governor walker the center of the union war scott walker remains steadfast in his belief that state workers must give up much of their rights to collective bargaining. increase their share of pension
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and healthcare costs. steve santana has the story. >> the wisconsin governor scott walker insists he's doing the right thing by demanding major concessions from public employees. hundreds of people crowded the capitol rotunda in madison for the 6th straight day of protests against the governor's plans. walker appeared on fox news sunday. >> it is about time somebody tell the truth somebody balance the budget at the state level and local level to make sure we give local government the tools to balance the budget. >> they want republicans to pay more and give up bargaining rights. they called the move an assault oon onions m many democrats agr. >> they are not setting out just to fix a budget but to break the union that is a major move in terms of american history i believe the president should have weighed in.
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>> republicans point out walker signaled during the campaign he would do exactly what he is doing now. >> he didn't take anybody by surprise. he is doing what he said. there was a referendum on this issue and the unions lost and democrats in wisconsin should come back to wisconsin to have votes. >> 14 senate democrats left the state to delay action. the next legislative move is unclear. thanks very much. we will be watching. remember when the regional airliner crashed on the way to buffalo almost two years ago or the pilots fell asleep at the controls in the west and went past the destination. if you or someone you know use commercial airliners you better watch this. >> commuter and regional aircraft passengers shouldn't be second class passengers. >> the fact that it was so avoidable is what brings us down to capitol hill to make sure that this is fixed and the
5:36 am
airline industry is this. they gave them a 40 minute nap they took 26 minutes. what happened? their performance went up 34 percent. their alertness went up 54 percent. it stayed that way for hours. >> he's talking pilot fatigue. we have the at large investigation of pilot fatigue. we call it "flying the tired skies." >> the faa that is strict guidelines for pilots for getting rest for flights. what's not accounted for is many have to commute from cities like dallas before they get on their flight in new york city. >> r one of the roots i fly seattle always has commuters on it trying to get to work. >> go to work get on a plane and fly across country. >> coming from seattle to new york so they can fly an international flight that night.
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they have gotten up at 0 dark 230 that mor 30 that morning. >> pilot fatigue is blamed for the crash in buffalo, new york. the 2 year anniversary of the crash was last week. shelby a flight attendant for a legacy airlines tells us fatigue is common in the airline industry. she offered us a peak secret among pilots and crews. >> this is laguardia airport across the street close by so people can walk across and take a nap. >> how necessary is a crash pad for you? >> i have no place off there. >> commuters fly long hours before they get on their own plane. so in and around major transportation hubs like another city exhausted crew members struggle to get rest in crash
5:38 am
pads walking distance from major airports. >> one of the concerns was pilots more than flight attendants they are up front they are in charge of the airline. they have hundreds of passengers behind them. how are they getting enough rest when they are commuting across the country to get to their jobs? >> they are not. sometimes we can have 4-5 hours between flights. i know the pay lots will grab a quick nap before their flight. >> roger. we have a distracted -- >> october 29th, 2009 air traffic controllers try in ve v to contact them for an hour as a plane carrying 144 passengers blew past their destination. pilots told investigators they were distracted by lap top commuters. skeptics believe they fell asleep somewhere along the
5:39 am
route. we talked to bill in his crash pad. >> explain fatigue? >> it's a de mapdzing task that thats -- demanding task that takes a lot of concentration. if you are fatigued you are not going to be as sharp. >> faa has rules that call for rest for hi pilots like you. it's important you have the proper rest so you are alert. it's a complicated job. they don't account for the fact you have to commute. >> i think it's more the onerous schedules the airlines create and there is more fatigue during the on duty period than showing up fatigued to start with. >> scary stuff. what happened to those northwest pilots? >> they were eventually fired even if they were on lap top computers that's a clear violation of the faa rules. >> they were dead asleep. you would think looking at the crash pad stuff which is distressing i remember when pilots were the bell of the ball. they would walk through an airport as a rock star.
5:40 am
i thought they made huge money. >> that was back in 990s. senior pilot would make as much as 200 grand a year. airlines cut back the salaries benefits and even the pensions. they are working a l -- for a l less money and working longer. >> they don't get paid for their hotel rooms? >> they don't get paid in their own rest period. regional pie lots get less than 20,000 a year. >> 20,000 a year? >> they can't afford the crash pad so they sleep in the airline lounges many times. >> 20,000 a year. >> after the buffalo crash killed 49 people aboard two years ago trying to keep krouz zee or over worked pilots out of the cockpit has been a top priority. wonder if anything really changed? ask retired ace pilot with 43 years experience. what do you think of the job? >> it was a fair job.
5:41 am
understand something about the job. first of all one of the nicest things about being an airline pilot you can live anywhere you want you can compute to work. the worst thing is the commute. it can be 3 hours by car or 3 hours by air. who is more rested when he shows up at the airport? even in the normal course of flying a scheduled flight how does a pilot prepare for a flight to leave at 11:00 at night gets up at 8:00 all legal and flies to turn around in san juan and gets back at 10:30. he could be awake over 24-hour period. it is the pilot's requirement. the faa or the company has a right to say where i live. they have an absolute legal right to demand -- >> you are not making me feel better. >> they have a legal right when i show up for a flight i am mentally physically prepared to fly that sequence. >> how do we know? >> we have been up all night
5:42 am
commuting from seattle. >> or here or australia. >> you crash in a 4 bunk bed. >> the it was only speculation of the report. >> 40 people. >> speculation it was fatigue. it was an incompetent pilot and incompetent training. >> how much training can you get with 20,000 a year of income? >> that's a problem with the regionals. >> i don't think people who clean the bathrooms here make less than that much money. >> the regionals that's a huge problem. pilots are wide eyed. first child to become a pilot still whether you think they are god like or highly paid any more it is a highly desirable job for many people. but the regionals have a different job than the majors. >> they squeeze everything out of these guys. they have an on duty requirement.
5:43 am
16 hours. but that can be broken also be extended by what they call a stand-up duty break of 4 hours. >> i got to go. you think we should fly regional airlines? >> i think there's a lot of problems with regional airlines that have to be addressed. >> take the bus. >> could be. >> thanks. >> my pleasure. >> image risking everything to stop an armed robbery and then getting fired. you will meet two of the unlucky heroes from wal-mart. anna nicole smith is coming too life on stage in a london opera. coming up after this.
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>> we are back life everybody. outside of wal-mart four brave long time employees disarmed a gun men attempting to rob their store. the following week all four of these guys were fired for violating the company's investigation and attention of shoplifter's policy which instructs employees to retreat if they brandish a weapon. two join me from salt lake shawn harold ray and gabriel stewart. sean, you first. you disappointed with your long time boss wal-mart? i think wal-mart does a pretty good job. they get a lot of flack from politicians. they do a good job. they offer jobs to people and
5:48 am
loyal to their employees i guess that's true. you seem to have gotten shafted. >> i would say so. the incident happened we just had a shoplifter come in he had taken a notebook lap top computer we pulled him into the office and decided he was leaving he had something he had to get rid of reached the small of his back and pulled out a handgun and rushed into the three of us standing in front of the door ended up taking gabe by the shoulder and the gun to the middle of his back and kept making threats saying don't make me do this don't want to hurt anybody but never left. so we decided to go hands on a split second decision and we pulled the gun away from him held him until the police got there and they took him in custody. >> before i ask you how you spopded to that that must have been hair raising to have the gun in the small of your back. >> absolutely. wal-mart is only focusing on one segment of that policy, the
5:49 am
whole policy hasn't been released. the statements they are making about us being inaccurate we would like to extends them to release the video and let the public -- >> they have cameras every where in every wal-mart i have ever been in. >> at least two angles of that. but one of the main parts of the policy that states at least five times throughout policy is this is an a page policy. at least five times it says put people first protecting the physical well-being of suspects customers and wall sma wal-mart associates first priority. they had to react in order to protect me from becoming a further hostage. he literally had me- -- >> i agree. >> don't take this lying down. you have an excellent lawsuit against them. i am not admitted to the bar in utah but i am to the federal
5:50 am
bar. are you disappointed in wal-mart for what they have done to you? >> i am. i am extremely disappointed in the statement they released saying we were putting out false information. though they are entitled to make whatever statements it wants the fact still stands my co-workers and i were confront by a suspect in a small force who used deadly force with a loaded gun. we didn't have the option to retreat and withdrawal once engaged. it was before we could get to customers and associates and somebody got hurt. >> did a lawyer write that? >> no. >> are you going to bring legal action if they don't back down? >> we are talking to a lawyer now, yeah. >> good luck to you. i appreciate your courage. i am sure your customers good men sean ray and gabriel stewart. oh can you believe anna nicole
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♪ >> anna nicole and her boyfriend t howard k. stern on larry king. the crowds are going wild in london for this anna nicole smith opera based on her life. the crowds are loving it. it's their -- they are sold out all of the performances. producers have a minimum audience age of 16. they describe this opera as a celebrity story of our time that includes extreme language, drug abuse and sexual content.
5:55 am
what fun. here is another look. ♪ i wanna blow you all ♪ blow you all a kiss >> i think kimberly and craig this is going to be great. >> i think they should bring it here to broadway. it will be fantastic. >> there is something about her. the reason i got so involved in the story there was a certain charisma and vulnerability about anna nicole smith that made her enormously appealing a lot like marilyn monroe. what happened to her was lame. >> more than lame it was criminal. people around her were enablers they were drug pushers they have beened feel and bare responsibility for her death. >> as you saw with howard k.
5:56 am
stern they were convicted by a jury of giving her these prescription drugs. yet this judge had the audacity to vacate the jury's opinion. you were in the prosecutor's office. what is he going to do? what will he do? >> i worked at the lapd's office. they were just in shock and cannot believe the outrageous ruling by the judge dismissing the charges. had the opportunity to do so at the preliminary hearing. >> the judge. >> instead he stole the verdict from the jurors that rightfully said i am going to drop all charges against this guy which is unbelievable felony charges he was looking at time now he's going to get off scot-free. they said he wouldn't intending to perpetuate an insurance fraud or anything by getting all of the multiple prescriptions of drugs first he was trying to protect her privy. >> so much in terms of prescription drugs. it seems to me you can't be convicted of that any more.
5:57 am
>> seems like he can't. we saw the prescriptions we saw the address being changed we saw how he would pick up the prescriptions from the drug store in his name or fake names for anna nicole. i don't understand how he could reverse this verdicts. >> it can be a good show. i wonder if he will try to sue us now. her life is so larger than life. >> yeah. i mean look this is a guy who i don't know he has nine lives legally. >> howard k. stern. >> i has been able to escape any kind of spopsibility whatsoever. for me personally as a prosecutor when you are doing somebodying like that you are feeding drugs to somebody it's like putting a gun to their head. >> i think that's what they did. >> you have them on video. >> thank you both. craig good report on the fatigued pilots earlier. appreciate it. that's it for us folks. thank you for watching. see you next time. have a great wee ♪ [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪
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and wen who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. let's go! [ laughs ] if you have high cholesterol you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. >> good morning to you, it is monday, february 21st. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for gretchen carlson this morning. protesters have reportedly taken control of military bases in libya. now fears that the country's oil could go up in flames. >> meanwhile, wisconsin teachers ordered back to the classroom. some are making sure they don't get in trouble for skipping school to go and march in protest. they are getting doctors notes. are they real ones? apparentlyan


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